guest post. // miss drew

so today i have the lovely miss. drew visiting us from her adorable blog coral cafe, which is full of fashion & anything+everything interior design related. i have gotten the chance to know her over the last few months & she is so sweet & such an honest person! i truly wish she lived down the road from me so we could hang out all the time!!! :] i hope you enjoy getting to know the amazing drew & learn to lover her just as much as i do!!! oh & p.s. head back on over tomorrow for my friday fancies post, VIVA LAS VEGAS! :]
Hello lovely readers of Ashlyn's fabulous blog!! I'm so excited to be sharing on my sweet friends blog today! ;) I knew the first time I read Ashlyn's blog, I wanted to get to know her more! She is just the sweetest and most down-to-the earth girl. 

I'm thrilled for Ashlyn to finally get her bags packed and head off to LAS VEGAS!! She sure deserves this trip after all of the studying, hard work and test taking she's been dealing with! Since she is headed to Vegas I only found it appropriate to spruce up an outfit for her to wear one of the nights she heads to a romantic dinner in one of the finest restaurants, followed by a couple of Vegas shows. Then off to stroll about the city of lights extraordinaire she will go!

You can never be too glitzy or sparkly for Vegas, so Ashlyn can rock this sequined dress and accessorize with neon jewels and gems! The fuchsia heels with spiked studs on the back are perfect for the glam city, don't you think?! 

Hope you are having a most exciting and joyous trip, Ashlyn! Can't wait to hear all about it and see the fabulous pictures you've snapped along the way!

Thanks for having me! ;)

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