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IT'S THURSDAY!! IT'S THURSDAY!! IT'S THURSDAY!! -- yes, i am excited because by the time this is posted i am completing my 4th exam of the week & i got one more tomorrow & i am DONE with my second semester! i can't believe it! whooo. i can't wait for tomorrow at 8:30 am! :] on another note, today i have a very special person guest posting for me & it is one of my best friends & my lovely big sister from my sorority. lauren is a very special person to me {for a million & one reasons} & i don't ever want to think of her not being a part of my life. today she is talking about friendship -- & sometimes you just need to be there for them no matter what the circumstance may be. i hope you enjoy getting to know her & her spunky self!
Hi! I'm Lauren :) I have a modest little blog that I post gazillions of pictures of my child and write random things in. I write for myself because it's less crazy than talking to yourself (I mean... it is, right?). I use ... and ( ) and " " " " too much. I'm silly. I'm serious. I'm bi-polar (okay, not really, but I felt like it worked well after the silly/serious bit). I've known Ashlyn for years IRL and she's my little sister in our sorority - and I love her. We've had ups and we've had downs and we still like each other a lot - or at least I love her and she likes me enough to let me write on her blog ;)

Want proof that we know each other? And are in love? I mean, are friends?
Awesome mask - yes! I don't know where we found it.
Sorority dance
I don't know why we're so serious all the time...
Taking a break from "flying" with our sweatshirts (I mean, capes). I love our faces...
Ashlyn was one of my bridesmaids - So really, I do like her, lots
Isn't she gorgeous?!?!
Ash & her my baby
May 2011
I've never done a guest post before. Until now, obviously. The pressure - oh the pressure... To do your first guest post on one of your best friend's blogs (and one of your favorites and one that is gaining popularity like crazy)... It's almost too much. Couple that with the fact that when I asked Ashlyn what she wanted me to write about she said, "Whatever you want!". Gee, thanks but no thanks, but that was not helpful. ;)
I mean, zombies did come to mind, I'm not going to lie. But, who wants to introduce themselves talking about something they hate and the fact that they cried when their friend (not Ash, because she actually likes me - I hope) and husband took them to see I Am Legend. Did you know that movie was about zombies? I did NOT. I bawled and may or may not have repeatedly weeped, "NOT THE DOG!!!" while people stared and gave me "Uh, thanks for ruining this for us, crazy lady!" looks. It was not okay.

So, even though zombies would have been the ultimate topic and all, when I really thought about it, it became pretty obvious that I would be an idiot to write about anything other than friendship.
In life, you end up having a lot of friends that walk with you for a season or are put in your life for a particular reason... But there are far fewer friends who are life-long.

In the same respect, I think a lot of friends engage some part of you (I mean, duh, why else would you be friends?).You have friends you can be silly with, serious with, laugh with, and cry with... Ones you talk about work with, or hobbies with, or child-rearing techniques with. There are those that are in the same point of their life as you and so you can easily relate - or those that are in a completely different point in their life than you and allow you to put things in perspective.

Now, maybe it's just me, but I think it is rare and so special when you find a friend that you can do all  that with. They see the good and the bad, the happy and the sad, they share in your ENTIRE life (not just specific parts), and in some ways you are the same person but in others you are polar opposites. Add to that, they have weathered many many seasons with you and continue to stay by your side... Well, when you find friends like that, you better hold on to them for dear life.

It's funny, because those friends that you really don't want to lose, no.matter.what... They're the ones we tend to take for granted the most, aren't they? Guilty as charged. I have a feeling you might be in the same boat. By the grace of God, it turns out those friends are usually the type that forgive you for that sort of thing too - and no matter how much time has passed, they still love you and want to be in your life.

In case you hadn't already guessed (but I'm sure you have, because you're smart like that), Ashlyn is one of those friends for me. And on occasions like this, I'm reminded just how special she is to me and that I better damn well step up and be a better friend, because really we can all be better friends - can't we? We constantly seek out those gems in the friendship world but I think you attract great friends when you are a great friend - and I better never let myself forget that.

If reading this made you think of someone. Text them. Call them. Write about your undying love on their FB wall for the world to see (or send them a FB message, I guess that would be okay too). Send them a random stupid e-card that will make them think, "Thanks! I think?" (hey, if they know and love you, they'll get the sentiment). As for me, maybe I will do all of the above, because I think I know someone who deserves it all :)

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