happy birthday, beautiful.

happy birthday, twenty-four // here is to another year.

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happy birthday, seventeen.

           happy birthday, seventeen.
           make yourself stand out, okay?
           i've got heartache and love along the way
           but i hope you keep it lyrical
           help me mature a little faster;
           my childhood made me paper wings
           a heart loyal & altruistic
           my rose and vine halo is centered
           ready to prance around the room
           faceless cinderella bent and delicate
           found peace in a sticky circumstance.
           oh, delicate seventeen
           give me time to smell the roses
           & fit my feet into glass slippers
           there's joy in the pit of my stomach 
and seventeen, it's you. 

i wrote this when i was seventeen
a senior in high school.
it makes me smile when i read it.
so i wanted to share it with you.

all images via {pinterest}