i'm an "inspirational, fashionista, health + a little bit of everything" blogger.

good evening my little sunshines :] i am linking up over at fabulous but evil & mrs monologues. if it's your first time here -- welcome to my little blog, a place where i write a little about anything + everything. there really isn't a set theme! & if you have been here before & are one of my already amazing followers, here is a little bit more about who i am!

SO. to begin
{1} my first blog was called Scintillating Ardor & it was a personal blog. i had no followers. & only my closest friends knew about it + read it. i always NEVER kept up with it regularly. it would sometimes have posts 6 months apart. ha pretty pathetic.

{2} i am a full-time student at Eastern Virginia Medical School where I am studying to be a Physician's Assistant. i am about to start my third semester & i graduate in May 2013 {hurry up please}!

this is me at my white coat ceremony with my amazing best friend {trista} whom i write alot about in this little blog of mine -- you can actually go here to read about how i met her in an airport!

& this is me getting my white coat :] {so surreal}

{3} i am dating the most {amazing} man ever, his name is Nick & hope to have the pleasure of marrying him one day & living happily ever after with the man of my dreams.  so he tends to come up in my posts. ALOT ALOT.

{4} we also have a black boxer named Rufus, Rufster, monster .. whatever comes to mind! :] so he tends to be in my posts as well!

{5} i pretend to be a fashionista & love to create pretend outfits with fake money {every friday}

{6} health & medicine fascinate me. so i am trying to incorporate healthy topics into my blog, but really haven't had the time lately to devote that much time, since school takes up so much of my time. i have talked about healthy indoor tanning in a past post & hope to talk about more healthy topics in the future. 

{7} you can also find inspirational posts about life.love.faith. here is a recent inspirational post {1}!

{8} i am a HUGE Washington Capital's Hockey Fan. my boyfriend has season tickets & it was our first date! {i was a big fan before we started dating, but now i am even a bigger one} GO CAPS! i love me some backie {Niklas Bacstrom} -- i even got to meet him & Mike Green this past May :]

our first date :] {yes i have black hair, it was brown!}

Mike Green #52

Niklas Backstrom #19 {I wear his jersey # proud}

Winter Classic 2011 - Pittsburg // Capitals vs Penguins
{9}in this little blog of mine you can find everything that is "real" about me. sometimes i have bad days & sometimes i had good days. sometimes i don't post at all & sometimes i post 3 times a day. this blog is an outlet for me -- so sometimes i rant about things you might not want to read, & i am sorry. just know that the next post will be a happy one :]. i read all of my comments and usually respond to almost all my comments -- but i can't make any promises, oh & if your email isn't linked to your blogger account i won't be able to respond to you! {so pshht. go fix it! :]}. thank you so much for stopping by & i hope that i will get the chance to know you! & if i already know you thank you so much for being real & i have enjoyed getting to know all of you & can't wait to get to know ya'll better!
 have a lovely monday my little sunshines. xoxo.
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