Instagram Link Party {1}

i decided to join in on the instagram link part over at a little dash of ash :] i am so in love with instagram, but sadly enough i have to use my ipod touch that doesn't have a camera, so i send pictures that i take/or play around with to my ipod touch & load them up that way. improvising is good, until i get the real thing {september, fingers crossed}. but this week i decided to post some of the images i played around with on instagram from my birthday, which was last sunday august 14th! as well as a picture that my best friend trista took while we were having girls night! we were suppose to go see a movie, instead we went to the grocery store at 10 at night & spent an hour looking for sorbet/ice cream + wine. we left with 1 tub of sorbet, 2 tubs of ben&jerry's ice cream, & a total of 5 bottles of wine, which to this day we only opened one of them {which is in the picture} haha. that's why i love having her as a best friend {anything is possible with her}. but i hope you enjoy the pictures & if you want to join in on the party, head over to ashley's blog! :] xoxo.