mat kearney cd. giveaway.

i really haven't elaborated on how much i {love} music. music completes me. 

music whispers to me all the time // 
tells me something i didn't know, encourages me to be stronger, teaches me to cry unappologetically, encourages me to smile, let's me be free to dance, helps me laugh at myself, gives me the right words to say, & concludes my thoughts poetically.
music is my ear candy.

i have been meaning to do a giveaway since i reached 100 followers last week, but have fallen behind because of Nick being here since friday evening, as well as being overwhelmed with school. i had a different giveaway planned, but since mat kearney's new cd came out on thursday i decided to change it up a little bit, because his cd is just that {amazing}. so i am going to be giving away mat kearney's new amazing cd Young Love. i have been listening to it non-stop since tuesday. the lyrics are so perfect. if you haven't heard it yet, you should def. go & check it out :] & enter my lovely giveaway!!!
his new {amazing} song, ships in the night.
mat kearney's -- {ships in the night}
"Just you and me trying to find the light like ships in the night, there
Passing me by, there passing me by, like ships in the night. "
here is one of his SONG's "hey mama"
mat kearney's -- {hey mama}

"She don't know what she wants to be
With all the pictures in the magazines
Holding hands when she's mad at me
'cause she don't wanna go, don't wanna go

I met her at anthropology
Purple boots and her golden dreams
Standing there like a Tennessee queen
Singing don't look at me, don't look at me

Singing oh oh
won't you help me sing this song
Singing ee ee ee
She don't ever want to go to sleep

Singing hey mama, don't want no drama
Just a kiss before I leave
Hey lady, don't say maybe
You're the one that I can believe

Hey lover, don't want no other
finger for my ring."


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