an R&R kind of day.

this morning i woke up to have coffee with one of my girlfriends, emily! it was nice to be able to catch up since haven't been able to do that in a long time. i wish i was able to spend more time with her because she is someone i truly enjoy spending time with, but sometimes life gets crazy & you have to take the time you do get! after that i went back to the house to take rufus out & then head out to the mall & get a little last minute shopping/pampering done before i head to vegas on tuesday! on my way out i manage to notice that i had a flat tire {not what i was hoping for today} ! so i went & put air in it & hope that it stays inflated. haha. actually, my dad thinks it is a slow leak & that's what he told me to do :] but anywho, i ended up going to the mall & doing a little shopping. shopping is always fun but it is hard to do when you have very little monies! after that i went & treated myself to a mani/pedi {which was def. needed}. i ended up getting a shellac manicure {which i have been dying to have done}. i like it so far -- it def took a little a while longer then i had planned to get it done, but it sure does look pretty. & the idea of your nails not chipping for atleast 2 weeks, has its perks. the only down fall that i really didn't like, is that fact that they really didn't have that many colors to chose from. so today, i went with a more neutral pink called "romantique" -- which is something that i can paint over top of if i feel like it! 

all images via {pinterest}
{nail colors} // essie for my toes {master plan; bottom right} // CND shellac romantique{top right}
today has been a low-key day, which i highly enjoy, since i only get a week of this before school starts again next monday! i hope everyone is having an R&R kind of day, because we all deserve it, especially since monday rolls around tomorrow! -- btw. i am going to try & get some posts written up before i leave for vegas on tuesday morning {i apologize for being so MIA, but exams got the best of me} & so ya'll will have something to read from me while i am away, but i can't make any promises since tomorrow is already monday & i am sure i will be running around with my head-cut off getting more last minute things done. but i hope everyone has a fabulous week. i do have one or two guests posts lined up & hope you will enjoy them! :]