tail wagging tuesday | gracie mae {1}

i am probably on a plane headed to vegas as we speak {i am beyond excited!!!} but i have been dying to participate in tail wagging tuesday for some time now & CMae has been trying to get me to do it!!! this week the theme is "funniest picture ever taken" BUT i have a picture & a funny video of gracie in my brothers dragon halloween costume that i want to share. Gracie is my parents puppy {whom i call gracie mae} she is a boykin spaniel :] -- she is the cutest little fur-ball EVER & i wish she was my fur-child! i try to steal her from my parents all the time! ;] enjoy!
this is birthday gracie :] -- my mom took a picture of gracie on my birthday present & sent it to me!

this is gracie the dragon -- haha! my little brother dressed her up in one of our old halloween costumes! :]