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it's thursday. & it has been an {extremely} long week & i have a much longer weekend/week ahead of me with my finals coming up. i did not necessarily wake up in a good mood this morning, one reason being i had grabbed my phone around 8am & it was sitting on my comforter & i pulled my comforter up & BAM right in the middle of my eye it went. VERY very painful. & another reason being i have a HUGE EKG final tomorrow & i have my panties in a bunch because, well im just not as prepared as i would like to be -- so stress mode kicked in! but in order to put me in a better mood i decided to make a list of some things that i am thankful for :] it seemed to do the trick!

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{1} this gorgeous day bc if it was rainy outside then i would be wanting to sleep instead of study. & sunny days make me smile more then rainy days :]

{2} my amazing boyfriend who encourages me daily. i tend to take him for granted & expect more from him then i really deserve sometimes. he truly is an encouragement & isn't afraid to tell me how proud he is of me.

{3} another year of life. my birthday is on sunday the 14th & even though i will be studying my life away i am grateful that i got this year under my belt & am moving onto the next one! {plus i decided to push my birthday to the 23rd of August, ill be in vegas then. haha}

{4} my family who loves me. they are simply the best & i DO take them for granted & don't thank them enough for what they do for me. i don't know where i would be without my parents, especially since i started school. if i EVER need something they ARE there. PRONTO. no questions asked. that's what i love about them.

{5} a brain that works, even tho 99% of the time i think that it is in overdrive, i still manage to keep the information in & pull off a good grade. now next week -- i hope i can do the same thing!

{6} my comfy bed. i am always complaining about how old my bed is, cause i am pretty sure i have had it since i was like 7, but  i happy that i even have a bed to sleep in.

{7} for my best friends. they are few & far between. but even so they are my backbone. i love them for loving me for who i am. & extremely thankful for all my friends who are guest posting for me next week, since i will be swamped with exams! LIFE SAVERS DUH! :]

{8} DVR. hahah. yeah i really am thankful for my DVR if not i would never ever get to watch any shows, therefore i would be deprived from the outside world all the time. i am already looking forward to catching up with So You Think You Can Dance next week when my exams are over. by the way i keep all the SYTYCD episodes on my DVR so i can watch them over & over again because they are JUST THAT GOOD!

{9} a car that gets me from A to B. recently, i have been having MAJOR car problems & i am always looking for a reason to buy a new car, when in reality i just need to be grateful for the one i have. which to me is still a POS. ha

{10} my relationship with Christ. without that i would not be what i am today. he has helped me get through ALL of my struggles, even if i didn't give him the credit then. if i am having a bad day & there is really no one for me to turn too, He is there. ALWAYS.

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