yesterday i said i would do it tomorrow.

you know how yesterday you said you would do it tomorrow?! yeah we have all done it. well i feel like it is a daily thing for me. either i say: tomorrow i will start my quiet time. tomorrow i will finish my paper. tomorrow i will call my grandmother. tomorrow i will go to bed early. tomorrow i will go to the gym. tomorrow i will start running. tomorrow i will start writing that blog post i have been meaning to write. tomorrow i will clean my room. tomorrow i will dance in my underwear while getting ready for the day. tomorrow i will eat healthier. tomorrow i will go to the grocery store. tomorrow i will smile more & forgive more & love more. tomorrow i will be happy for what Christ has given me. tomorrow i will learn to love unconditionally. tomorrow i will have a better attitude. tomorrow i will be happy for today. tomorrow -- i will do it tomorrow.

im so {over} saying i will do it tomorrow. i {need} to learn to do it today.  because everyday i don't do something i fall even more behind in doing what i need & want to do. i need & want to be happy. & i have the choice to make sure i do just that. i am so {over} being unhappy because i fail at doing things i say i am going to do. 

so here is to doing it today. not tomorrow.

go do it. start today. you will thank yourself for it.
so join the link-up & let others know what what you have done today/this week that you said you were going to do yesterday, last month, or last year. be someone elses motivator.

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