Fit to Worship 5k //

This past weekend I ran in a 5k with my little brother. It was a race called FIT TO WORSHIP & we were running for Christ! :] It was the first time I have run since March when I ran my marathon. I have been meaning to start running again, but ever since I got a stress fracture I just haven't been able to motivate myself to get back in the groove of things. This 5k was {way} last minute, like soooo last minute that my mom called me on Thursday & was like, "you wanna run in a 5k with your little brother this weekend?" -- I was like, "ummmm, yeah if I want to die." ha. Well I ended up running in it & to be honest is was extremely painful & it had nothing to do with my legs being weak. It was 100% my breathing! But I survived & it felt so great to be able to run with my little brother & more importantly run for Christ. Along the way there were signs in the ground with verses from the Bible to help encourage & motivate everyone along the way. Some of them even touched my heart while running, so much that I even joked up a little inside. It was an amazing day & this 5k -- I hope will help me get back into the swing of things - not only with running but also to give {everything} to the Lord, because He is Good. // Here are some photos from race day!
Getting all geared up to race!!!

putting my shoes on // love my mizunos!

having some goo to help energize me!

my little brother Aaron // he is getting so big, i can't believe he is a Senior in HS.

& off we go! 30 minutes before we thought it was suppose to start // oops!

that is me on the right struggling, the little bro came back to help me finish!

he is too good to me // i love him more than anything.

love this kid // aka. my little big brother.


we couldn't forget to take a picture with the cow // eat more chicken!