im going {back} to the dark side //

I am going {back} to the dark-side this afternoon & I need your help!!! I am super excited & kinda up in the air on what color I want. A couple years ago I went brunette for the first time ever, but I did it out of the box. That was not the best idea when I have had blonde hair my entire life. ha So after 4-5 months I went back to blonde, since it was already showing through the color. But I have been needing change & my hair is going to be that change! As for what I need from you --  I am trying to figure out what color I should go too -- this is probably a {little} late to be posting, but maybe it will still be beneficial. What number is your favorite!! :] I {LOVE}/{LOVE}/{LOVE} number 3! 
images via {pinterest}