let's make your tuesday's a little more bubbly!

Good Morning my little sunshine's! Hope your Thursday is off to a great start. THINK, once you get through today the weekend is that much closer!!! As for today, I am guest posting over at Miss Stesha's Blog & she is guest posting on mine :] I have grown very fond of Stesha & truly cherish our bloggy friendship & am super excited to have her share how you can start making your Tuesday's a little bit more bubblier{is that even a word? ha}! 
Hi everyone!!! I am Stesha from Classic & Bubbly I am more than honored to be a guest post today on My Unrehearsed Life!! ahhh, very exciting!

 Miss Ashlyn was one of the first blogs I cam across when I started blogging and I have been a fan ever since! Too bad she lives across the country.... I am thinking we could definitely be friends :) 

I started my blog a few months ago as something to put my energy into.  I was going through, oh lets say a transition time in my life and I had all this energy and emotion and no where to put it.  I started Classic & Bubbly as a way for me to transform all this energy into something positive! and yes, it has worked!!! I came across a quote during the first few days of my blog and I now have it printed and hanging in my house:

You may or may not have seen it before but I just think it is something to live by.  This quote was the inspiration to my Bubbly Tuesday link up I have on my page every Tuesday.  As I would go through the week I noticed Tuesdays still seemed to be a little... dull for me. Monday was right after the weekend still have the great memories and thoughts, Wednesday was hump day, and of course everyone loves Thursday and Fridays.  SO what about Tuesday?? Thats where Bubbly Tuesday comes in. I challenge my readers each week to go out and do something for themselves on Tuesday! Whether it is bike riding, reading a book, having a bubbly bath, sky diving... you name it!! I think this brings positivity and excitement to the week!

Check out some of my recent BUBBLY TUESDAYS!
Do you think you can meet the challenge every Tuesday? If so make sure you stop by Classic & Bubbly and link your post or pictures of what is making your Tuesday Bubbly.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful hick off to September! 
xxoo, Stesha
Isn't Stesha gorgeous?! Her photos are always so amazing & BUBBLY {no pun intended.lol}. But head on over to her amazing blog & get to know her some more, you won't regret it! 
P.S. still some more spots left for the October blog/button swap -- go here for info & email me pretties! :]

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