a little spice for your Fall wardrobe.

Every season brings about the desire to want to go out & purchase new clothes. I know I do. But lately, I have been doing my best to look in my own closet & see what I can use from the years past. This might be hard to do for some of ya'll & trust me it is even hard for me to wear the same clothes over & over again. Especially when it is a new season with new styles that are different from the previous years. & plus I enjoy shopping & finding that perfect fall sweater or blouse, it makes me feel like a new woman! I put together a few tips to help you add style your wardrobe without spending loads of money, but instead finding small but inexpensive items to help create new looks!

1. Glamour up your outfit // A perfect way to change up an outfit is to add some glam! This could be jeweled embellishments, velvet, animal print, or even faux fur. There is no need to go out & buy the most expensive patterned blazer that more than likely won't be in style the following year. Instead buy a cute printed cardigan, which you can wear year after year & for more than one season! You can also

2. Reds, Oranges, Purples, oh my! // These colors = BOLD colors. They are perfect for the new fall season. These colors can spruce up tons of outfits, by adding that splash of color that your outfit might need. You can incorporate your summer clothes by wearing a bright colored blouse under a dark-tailored suite for work or throw on a pair of bright red heels with skinny jeans & a top for going out! There are so many different ways to add BOLD to your outfit!

3. Statement-making accessories // These are the NEW thing to add to any & every outfit. You could wear the same outfit every week & change it up by adding a new statement necklace, a pair of earrings, or gold bangles & it would give your outfit a whole new look. There are so many fun & unique pieces of jewelry out there that are perfect for adding some spice to her Fall wardrobe. You can also paint your nails a bold-burnt orange & that will give your look a new look as well.

4. Scarves // I think that this is the perfect accessory to add to any & every Fall outfit {or any outfit for that matter.lol}. I have WAY too many scarves & am always looking for new ones {especially ones that are different from everyone else}. A scarf can be used so many different ways & there are so many different styles. There are simple plain ones, patterned ones, knitted ones, long ones, lace ones -- the list could go on & on!

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