Oh Happy Day! :] My name is Ashlyn & I have a little blog called My Unrehearsed Life where I share bits & pieces of everything that is going on in my life, along with fashion, faith, & encouragement. I am so happy to be able to guest post on my best friend's blog while she is having an amazing ol' time in Germany {she better be bringing me lots chocolate back, "a whole suite-case full to be exact" // her words not mine. lol} But I am also super excited to get to know all of Lauren's amazing readers!!  I hope you get the chance to stop by & say hi!

you know how yesterday you said you would do it tomorrow?! yeah we have all done it. well i feel like it is a daily thing for me. either i say: tomorrow i will start my quiet time. tomorrow i will finish my paper. tomorrow i will call my grandmother. tomorrow i will go to bed early. tomorrow i will go to the gym. tomorrow i will start running. tomorrow i will start writing that blog post i have been meaning to write. tomorrow i will clean my room. tomorrow i will dance in my underwear while getting ready for the day. tomorrow i will eat healthier. tomorrow i will go to the grocery store. tomorrow i will smile more & forgive more & love more. tomorrow i will be happy for what Christ has given me. tomorrow i will learn to love unconditionally. tomorrow i will have a better attitude. tomorrow i will be happy for today. tomorrow -- i will do it tomorrow.

im so {over} saying i will do it tomorrow. i {need} to learn to do it today.  because everyday i don't do something i fall even more behind in doing what i need & want to do. i need & want to be happy. & i have the choice to make sure i do just that. i am so {over} being unhappy because i fail at doing things i say i am going to do. 

so here is to doing it today. not tomorrow.

go do it. start today. you will thank yourself for it.
let others know what what you have done today/this week that you said you were going to do yesterday, last month, or last year. be someone elses motivator.