what.i.wore // fall scarf

I am super {super} excited to be able to finally link-up with The Tichenor Family blog for her 3rd Annual Scarf Swap & show off my amazing scarf that I got from Melonie! I am not sure if I have shared my {obsession} with scarves, it is actually kind of sad -- i have a million of them. I always look forward to different holidays & birthdays because my mom always finds me the most gorgeous one-of-a-kind scarves. & to be honest scarves {just like hoodies} are one of the many things I don't like to buy for myself, bc it always seems to be a little bit more comfy when it comes from the heart of someone else! Now Melonie is pretty amazing bc I gave her a tid bit of info on what kind of scarf I was wanting -- which went a little like this, "i have been searching for an orange, plum, brown, & greenish scarf for fall." & guess what that is {exactly} what she found me & I AM IN LOVE. no joke. IN LOVE. i feel like she has known me my entire life just because of the amazing scarf she picked out -- so thank you Melonie, I am glad that one decided to 'sing' to you ;]!!! 

now as for showing off my gorgeous fall scarf --
i  decided to  use my new camera {kinda}
 & do my first what.i.wore post :] 


& this is Gracie, my parents puppy who I decided to include in my outfit & dress her up in my scarf!