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Our boobies are pretty important to us gals, wouldn't you say so? I can remember way back when I first noticing that I was developing. I was about 15 years old, which is actually pretty late due to being a year round swimmer. I had just finished swimming my 100 breast stroke & I when I got out the water I noticed that my Dad had made it just in time to see me swim! :) I was pretty ecstatic, since usually my Dad couldn't make it because of my younger brother's other sporting events that took place on the weekends! I ran outside to give him a hug, since it was an unexpected surprise. My Mom, Dad, & I are outside talking & my Dad looks at me and says, "Looks like you are growing some bug bites!" -- 

YES he said that. 
YES I turned bright red. 
YES I didn't know how to respond, but with "DADDDDDDD?!" & an eye rolll. ha
YES I don't think that I looked at him for week. 
& YES I am sure that I decided to sport a huge sweatshirt all week even around the house! lol

What I am trying to get at is that even when we were young our breasts mattered to us. We wanted to have boobs like the rest of the girls around us. Boys noticed them. Girls made fun of them - whether small or large. They come in all different shapes & sizes. They give us security or they can make us insecure. They play a huge roll in a woman's life.


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The most important thing you can do for yourself is to learn how to do your own self breast examination at home. It is important to understand the correct way to do it & what to look & feel for.  There are a few different ways to perform the exam, but none of them are necessarily better then the other. Here is two ways to {1} perform the self breast exam at home & {2}self breast examination. Also, if you click the picture below it will take to a website where you can print out your own self breast exam shower card that you can laminate & put in your shower! :] You can even ask your OB/GYN or Primary Care Doctor for a shower card -- I am sure they have some at their office!


(1) What are risk factors for breast cancer?
All women, including women with disabilities, are susceptible to breast cancer. You might be at    a greater risk for breast cancer if:
you are over age 40.
your mother, sister, or daughter has had breast cancer.
you were exposed to high dose radiation when you were young (i.e. extensive x-rays for scoliosis, radiation for thymus problems, radiation
for pneumothorax).
you have a diet low in fiber and high in fat.
you give birth to your first child after age 30 or never give birth.
you began menstruating early or experienced menopause late.
you are obese (very overweight).
(2) How can you check for breast cancer?
You need to take three steps to detect a breast cancer:
1 - Perform monthly breast self-exams.
2 - Have yearly well-woman exams that include manual breast examination.
3 - Have yearly mammograms once you are over age forty.
(3) What are some unusual breast changes that could indicate breast cancer??
a lump
dimpling or puckering of the breast or nipple
nipple discharge
one breast hanging lower than the other
one breast growing bigger than the other
a change in the color or texture of the skin of the breast or nipple
unusual swelling of the upper arm
When should you do a breast self-exam?
You should do a breast self-exam every month about a week after your period when your breasts are the least tender and swollen.
(4) When should I perform my monthly breast exam?
You should do a breast self-exam every month
about a week after your period when your breasts
are the least tender and swollen.

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Oh & I thought this was pretty cool -- You have have a Check your Boobies Party!
Yeah pretty neat if you ask me, because Breast Cancer is THAT important!
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For more information on breast cancer and a full explanation with diagrams of the breast self-exam, please visit,, and the Komen Foundation.

oh & one last thing ....

I am running in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure this Saturday & I am trying to reach my goal of raising $125 -- if you help please do! You are helping find a cure to help fight breast cancer!You can go HERE too donate! :]

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