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SUNSHINES! How is your Thursday going so far? I hope it off to a great start! Mine is starting off with an 8am exam {joyous.ha} Oh well, it's worth it -- truly it is! But today I have a special guest poster // Michelle from Brunette & Blessed. She is such a darling & I have been reading her blog for sometime now! Her blog is full of a little bit of everything & that's what I love about it! Hope you enjoy her time here today & stop by & give her some love! :)
Hey Everyone. My name is Michelle and I'm doing a guest post for Ashlyn here at My Unrehearsed Life.

She is the sweetest person and I read her blog EVERY day.
She was so sweet to put together this swap so we can all get to meet new bloggers.

Me and My Husband Jared are proud residents of OHIO!
So I thought I would introduce you to a little bit about my state.
I think the impression that people get is that its all country and that there is nothing to do.
Here are a few of my top things in OHIO. There are way more than this but it will give you a little taste of our state and why you should come check it out!


Hocking Hills is a series of trails though Ohio. Some are very scenic and mild and some have huge cliffs where you can see for miles. You will also find quiet places with a bit of a waterfall. They offering everything from rustic camping to cabins that fit 15 people and have hot tubs. It’s a great place to get away and spend a weekend. If you are camping…pick a weekend with good weather because it can get muddy J

Cedar Point is a 364 acre amusement park located in Sandusky, Ohio right on Lake Erie. Cedar Point is the only amusement park with four roller coasters that are taller than 200 feet (Magnum XL 200, Millennium Force, Wicked Twister, Top Thrill Dragster). As of 2010, Cedar Point has more rides (75) than any other amusement park. Needless to say people come from all over the US come to see the worlds largest roller coast park. If you live in Ohio you have probably been here a million times. My senior after-prom was a day at cedar point...this was actually alot of fun!
We are actually going there this weekend....I'm a total adrenaline junkie!

COSI: Columbus has the #1 children's science museum in the USA. This is not just a much of exhibits where you walk thought mindlessly. Kids can touch/play and experiment. 
If you have a child who is at all interested in the sciences. This is a must see.
I even worked here for about a year and I cant think of enough good things to say about it. 
COSI is not just for kids either. I always had friends who wanted to come and play at COSI. This picture is from the street reproduction from the 50's and you can see how life was then.
If you brave enough you can also become a high wire unicyclist. 


Mid-Ohio race track. This is from my old stomping grounds. I grew up a mile from the track. It is such a fun atmosphere and is very well known even though it is literally in the middle of acres of corn fields and country. I used to be a waitress at a steakhouse of the road from this track and we would always have teams of racers who came in to eat meat and flirt with us. Fine with me as they tip BIG! I think my biggest tip was 275 dollars from one table! AMAZING. Why did I stop waitress….oh yea….it sucks.

This hottie bo-bottie even came for a race event and eat at the restaurant. Unfortunately I was not there for this....Tear.. .I love him!

ROCK and ROLL HALL OF FAME…. I mean do I really need to say more? Everyone loves those stupid Hard Rock Café restaurants. This is way cooler than that. You will see photos and memorabilia. The best part is it’s a museum and you will still see tons of people that you know and have heard since it’s not super old. Also the building is amazing. It reminds me of the Louvre in Paris but now quite as cool. Worth a trip if you are near Cleveland.

I hope that if you are in Ohio you will check out these places. To hear more by me stop over to Brunette & Blessed
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