guest post.{breast cancer awareness}

It's Monday everyone -- Are you guys ready for what today brings? I think I am ready for this week {i hope}. Trying to have a positive outlook in many areas of my life! :) But as for this week & the rest of the month -- I am  going to be having quite a few guests posts & giveaways! This week in particular is going to be related to Breast Cancer Month. Today I have the lovely Miss Hollie who I adore to pieces! She is super positive & such a fun girl! :) Here is a little insight from her on Breast Cancer! After you are done reading -- go say hi! :)
Hi Y'all! No, I'm not from Texas. I've just always wanted to say (er, write?) y'all so I did it. Yep. Doin things over here! ;) My name is Hollie and I have a little blog some of you may have seen out there in the blogosphere called Hollie Takes Notes. I'm thrilled to be participating in miss Ashlyn's October sponsorship swap and more excited to be guest posting. Guest posting is the best way to meet new friends quickly. I write a lot on style, a little on humor, a lot on my day to day life, and a little on these thoughts runnin through my mind... 

Here's one of them.
October is Breast Cancer Awarness month. The month where we gather to wear pink in support of those suffering and affected by this terrible disease. We also get to watch some cuties on the football field rockin pink shoes, pink sweatbands, pink jerseys...whatever. MANY of the women in my family have beaten or are fighting breast cancer. I can't help but wonder if that too will be my fate as your genetics often dictate what illnesses you may be more susceptible to.
Source: via Lacy on Pinterest

Recently, I started to think of how amazing it is that there is this one month a year that we recognize and become more "aware" of breast cancer. This year, I've thought a lot about what I need to do to become a better person. I don't want to ever STOP growing. I don't want to accept that my flaws can not be helped. I know a lot of older people who refuse to change their ways. I don't want to be me. I don't want there to be a certain month or a certain day that makes me more aware.
Why do we need a nominated date to take a look around us?
Why do we need valentines day to celebrate love?
Why do we need Christmas to celebrate Jesus?
Why do we need something to rock our lives to realize that we live this life EVERY DAY? Today could be our very last.
Why do we need to be in an aware state of mind to see the beauty in the day?
So in honor of breast cancer month, I'm vowing to become more aware everyday. I want to try harder to live in the present and be aware of my surroundings. Count my blessings, complain less. Volunteer more, think about shopping less :X You know, step out of Hollie's world more.

How do you stay aware?

Hope this was encouraging to all of you fabulous readers! Thanks again, Ashlyn!

Also if you want to support me in my Susan G. Komen Run this saturday go read the post!