lindsay _ guest post -- 10/26

Hi there!! My name is Lindsay and I'm the creative girl behind Originally Me (the blog and the shop)I'm so happy to be joining all of you lovelies on Ashlyn's blog. Isn't she just a sweet heart?? And she has the cutest little blog ever!! Maybe one day I'll get to meet her in real life :)Anyway, I thought I would take a second to share with you who I am!
This is me!!;I'm a friend, a sister, a daughter, a life lover, and a follower of Jesus ChristOver at my blog, you'll find all sorts of things.... You can never predict what I'll be blogging about... craftiness, inspiration, fashion, daily life .... I LOVE my creative lifestyle!soooo, my life at the moment...
I'll admit, I've been a little bit stressed lately. I'm one of the happiest people you'll ever meet, but when I get stressed I get a little grumpy and sometimes mean... I just haven't been able to see over the massive pile of stuff I have to do... between school work (I'm in grad school for architecture) and all of the other things that I'm trying to do with my life, it just seems a little overwhelming!!!So, I thought I would share with you what I'm learning and how I'm getting through it... (too bad you can't just add 12 hrs to the day! Life doesn't work like that!)First of all, architecture school is an INTENSE program! Honestly, I feel like I don't have time to do anything besides school... I could easily spend all my time on school work, but where would that get me?There are so many other things that are important to me... like relationships with other people, and my relationship with Jesus.soooo, on top of school, I just joined my church and started volunteeringI joined a home small group through churchI force myself to make time for girls night dinners, spending time with my classmates outside of class, and making time for my familyI've learned that it all gets done in one way or another. In a way, I think that the busier I get, the more efficient I am with my time. I take each day day by day and just know thatIt's crazy how I've noticed the more time that I make for the important things in life and the things that I love, the more blessed I feel my life is. Now that I've learned how to find balance in my life, I've had all sorts of opportunities. ... just a peek at one, my professor just offered me a job with his wife who is a graphic designer... I'm LOVING life!!
Always take time to stop and smell the roses!!sometimes you just need some "you" time