some ear candy for you //

TO DOWNLOAD /// yes, you read that right! :] I love you THAT much!! /// Music is like candy to my ears {hence the title}. I love finding new music that gets me in the groove & makes me want to sing -- music that makes me smile -- music that can help get me through the day. I decided to start something new& fun /// I am going to start putting together playlists & share them with you on a regular basis. Some of the music you will be able to download & some you will just be able to listen too :] I would love to get everyone's opinion -- if you enjoy the music I am sharing let me know or if you want to hear other music. Or even if you want me to try to put together a playlist for you -- I can do that too! :] /// each playlist will be put together for a different reason -- whether it's to workout too, go to sleep too, dance too, cry too, get ready in the morning too {you name it I am going to try & create it}. I hope you enjoy what I put together this week ///
 it is music that GETS ME GOING.
Music is freedom that relentlessly exists
Freedom of speech
Freedom of thought
Freedom of creativity
Freedom of imagination
Lately I have been using Spotify to listen to my music -- because it offers MILLIONS of tunes for a small fee each month {$9.99}. But don't be scared by the price bc you shouldn't be. Spotify is so unique because you can listen to the music on any computer, any android device, iphone/ipod device. You never actually download any music to your devices, instead it syncs the music & allows you to even listen to the music offline, which what  fell in love with! 

This is my playlist on Spotify /// get me going music, which you are more than welcome to listen to for free on you computer if you just go & download it to your laptop/computer. You can download the get me going going playlist as well!!!