thank you for a beautiful weekend ...

...BUT Monday I have to say that you came too soon! I don't know about you, but I was not ready for Monday to be here just yet. My weekend flew by right before my eyes & now its Monday Madness & I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off. My weekend originally was suppose to consist of running in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure on Sunday followed by relaxation & studying, BUT Nick ended up getting Sunday off & we decided to go to the Redskins game against the Eagles. & because of all the fun that my weekend consisted of -- I am now mega behind on all the work that I have to do by tomorrow, which is study for a HUGE Medicine exam. So as of now I am foreseeing a really long day & night ahead of me! BOO. But here are some pictures from my weekend! Hope you all enjoyed the weather wherever you were -- I know I did here in Norfolk/DC. The weather was absolutely beautiful all weekend :]

These were our t-shirts that we had made for the race on Saturday -- we were team "Boobie Bridgade -- Running for Tits & Giggles" /// Clever I know. haha

I loved this giant chair! & HAD to sit in it. It was probably 50 x my size -- hence my legs were the entire width of the seat itself, but that isn't saying much bc I am only 5'3".

This is our entire group that ran/walked on Saturday!

This is me & one of my roommates Kelly :] 

So one of the coolest things about the race was all the outfits that people wore. There are guys running in tutu's & bras & well others decided to walk in stripper heels -- hence the picture. bhahahah. We sure did get an eye full {sorry}.

This was only my 2nd NFL football game & I had an absolute blast -- even tho my Skins lost. We woke up bright & early -- grabbed breakfast with Nick's dad & stopped by Starbucks for my PSL! We made sure to grab a cooler & a 12 pack of Budlight lime & off to the game we went. The weather was absolutely perfect & I couldn't have asked for a better Sunday with my other half.

One of the best parts of Sunday was that I got to meet up with one of my girlfriends from my freshman year of college at UNCW. Ashley & I had a great time catching up & it is crazy how after not seeing or talking to each other for almost 5 years we connected just like in 2005! :]

The cheer leaders rockin' the pink pom-poms! :]