travel to Austria with meg ///

Hi, I'm Meg from henning love & this is the start of my new series titled, Travel Around the World, and I am happy to be sharing my first post today with Ashlyn here on her lovely blog, My Unrehearsed Life.

Today's first location is Vienna, Austria. I studied abroad here the spring semester of my junior year, I was in Vienna from early January to early May, and got a taste of a cold cold winter. I know I sound like a pansy but when you are used to California winters, an actual winter seem like a frozen hell, sorry for all of you who actually experience a real winter every year, slap me on the hand if you wish! The school I was called was called the International University in Vienna, it was a very small English speaking school with only two majors, Business and Political Science, I was studying the latter. Any other political science majors out there?
 I had never been to Europe before so I was even more excited to be studying abroad. Some of the things that Vienna is known for is the United Nations, considered the 4th U.N. city in the world, OPEC, classical music, theatre, opera and the arts, of course you can't forget about the annual balls, the Spanish riding school, the Vienna Boys Choir, gosh I just just go on and on. 
Some of the food that Vienna is known for sacher torte,
a chocolate cake with an apricot jam layer with a ganache frosting, 
wiener schnitzel, 
apple strudel, 
knodel which is a dumpling with either a savory or sweet filling 
and definitely coffee! 

There are so many amazing coffee chops in Vienna, and in between classes when myself and the other students had a break we would head over to a coffee shop and hang out. I definitely had to cut down on my coffee intake after my semester ended and I returned home. Dont think of coffee shops as the same in Vienna, they are completely different. Picture everyone sits down for hours, brings a book or newspaper, and you get served your coffee on a silver tray with a small glass of coffee. You must learn the lingo too for coffee.

My favorite shop was called Cafe Melange which I found soon after I arrived. 
It had some of the best coffee and you received a small bar of chocolate with each order.

A melange is the most common coffee drink, which is very similar to a cappuccino.
 Vienna is a very historic city and I was amazed by all the history surrounding me everywhere I walked. The place where Hitler stood when he announced he was annexing Austria before the start of World War II was on my daily walk. Here is the spot.

This is Hofburg Palace and now serves at the official residence of the President of Austria
Throughout Vienna, there are statues of some of the most famous Classical composers such as Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, Haydn and Strauss.

One of the most famous places in Vienna is the Schonbrunn, which is the summer residence of the Hapsburg family who ruled the Austro-Hungarian empire. It is a huge residence with many beautiful gardens.

I hope you were able to learn a little bit more about Vienna. Thank you Ashlyn for the opportunity to sponsor your blog this month and share a bit more about my travels. Come back tomorrow to learn about Prague!