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When Ashlyn announced the possibility of doing a guest post as part of this blogswap, I jumped to.  Not knowing what to write about, what funny life anecdote I could share with all of her loving and beautiful readers, I sat rather stupefied for a few weeks, hesitating to put fingers to keyboard. Is it supposed to be things pertaining to her blog? To mine? To Life?

Is it supposed to be funny? Uplifting? Mostly pictures?

Not a clue.

So I’m going to write about what I know. And what I know after living through the past year is…

How to qualify for a room at the local psychiatric ward. 

I kid, kid. (with a hint of truth…)

Last August, my husband and love left me after ten years.

How I lost My Mind.

It’s not an easy thing when all of your dreams and ambitions in life walk out the door for no reason.

So yes, I wrote my soul last fall, and met some of the most amazing women when their words, support, and encouragement kept me uplifted and putting one foot in front of the other.

How to Keep Sane After Being Left. 

I think shock helps you keep sane. But other than shock, a busy, busy, HUGELY busy schedule keeps you distracted, and therefore, sane. Also, writing and surrounding yourself with the most beautiful women this blog world has to offer helps too.  But above all, I fell for a man way too quickly after having been walked out on…

How I met the Turk.

It was kismet right from the start. After having been hauled up to a new city and surroundings just to be walked out on once I arrived, finding a teaching job within days and meeting this Turkish Delight seemed too coincidental to be coincidental. If ya know what I mean.

Throughout the fall and into the spring, my heart took hold and corrupted my mind (which was definitely telling me it was logically too soon to date anyone) and I fell hard and fast for the Turk. He picked me up, he dusted me off, and he helped me smile again. And by smile, I mean the from-the-very-depths-of-your-being kind of smile.

Enter, Title 4: How I Decided to Get Married and Flee the Country.

Somewhere in all of that falling in love, he was unfortunately forced by an unsupportive administration at the school (apparently American-Turkish relationships aren’t the common practice) to return to Istanbul, Turkey, his hometown. And he asked that I marry him and give life and love a shot.

So, I visited Istanbul this past April, and threw up my hands at the conventional time limit for mourning an ex-husband who didn’t want you, and decided to follow my heart – and the Turk – across the Globe.

Very Under the Tuscan Sun or Eat Pray Love, don’t you think?

Except I’m going with a husband.  Small detail.

And so, new friends, two months ago, I moved my life to a foreign country to be with a man whom I owe my second chance at life.

And I was scared BREATHLESS - and still am, most days.

“Fear is a good thing”, they tell me. Move on and trust that “this was meant to be”, they tell me. And I do believe them. I believe these beautiful blog friends when they offer their words of strength and support. And I feel that sometimes we are put in situations that shake us and test us to the very core, just so that we are forced to grow, rather than remain stagnant in a life that is comfortable.


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