what.i.wore. + a yummy side for {dinner}

My new camera is super fun to play around with so I have been experimenting more with taking pictures of anything + everything. I am def. not mastering it anytime soon, but I am slowly learning! :] Today was one of the first {real} days of Fall & that meant I got to dress in my new mustard colored tunic wit my leggings & new boots!!! YAY! On another note -- I am trying to be more productive with cooking/eating healthier, but sometimes being a full-time student doesn't give me a lot of free time to experiment or cook for that matter. But my lovely health-coach Erin who has an amazing blog called WellinLA introduced me to Alexia Foods. She did some FRYday blog posts {1} {2} {3} {4} {5} & when I won two free coupons, which isn't too shabby -- I decided that I had to use them!! :] & I love french fries, which is an absolute understatement. Aleixa is an all-natural potato/french fry company. Now if you are thinking that I had French Fries for dinner & I am calling it healthy -- I didn't. ha What I had wasn't exactly 'French Fries' per-sea -- I had the Italian Saute Potato & Vegetable Side - which was absolutely AUHMAZING. It was simple to make & easy to eat, haha. That sounded kinda weird, but seriously it was so good. I am a pretty picky eater & frozen foods are one of the hardest things for me to find but I rely on them so much because after a long day in school I don't really feel like standing in the kitchen for 30 minutes to an hour cooking. If are interested in learning more you can signup to receive coupons & discounts. You even get a coupon instantly for signing up! :]

have any of you heard of Alexia Foods before?
if so, have you tried them & what is your favorite!? :]

{scarf} target // {jacket} express // {mustard top} target // {leggings} target // {boots} BR // {ring}T&Co // {watch} walmart

{this is not the full portion -- i cut in half!}