comfy winter musings of mine.

Can you believe that is is Wednesday already -- I love that feeling when the week is flying by!! :] Today is actually my Friday {sorta!} & I am super excited about it! -- All I have tomorrow is one class in the morning then I am heading up to DC around 12pm to spend the week/weekend with my  honey. We have the Washington Capitals Hockey Game versus the Penguins Thursday night {GO CAPS!!} & we get to spend the whole day together on Friday // which is rare {so can't wait}. Friday night I have a girlfriends jewelry party that I am going to which should be fun -- hopefully I will be able to pick up some good Christmas presents. & Saturday we have ANOTHER Hockey game -- which I am def a.ok. with & Sunday should just be a day of relaxing & studying until Nick gets home from work :] Hopefully we fill get our Christmas Tree this weekend because I have been dying to put it up! 

Anywho -- I have some more pins to share with you gals // I guess that they are {kinda} random but not. ha They all remind me of comfy things! -- Like how cool is #1 >>> I am def going to start thrift shopping for vintage coffee mugs so that I can have one of these hanging outside my house where I can listen to it in my wooden rocking chair on my giant walk-around porch // a girl can dream now :] & I honestly CAN.NOT.GET.ENOUGH.OF. comfy socks & scarfs. I think I could fill my entire room full of them -- well closet is more like it. oh & lately I have been daydreaming about weddings of all sorts, esp beach weddings! LOVE. & as you can tell the rest of my pins are SUPA rando >>> like{honey} -- i could honestly could put it on anything & everything & it doesn't hurt that my dad is a bee keeper! oh & those shoes {LOVE}. & #8. enough said. that is me 100%.

4 // {crew socks}
9 // {sexayness}