foccacia bread + spiced pear martinis + & some popcorn in my purse.

Monday came too soon, yet again! But I sure did have a full-filled weekend with a couple brunches, a blate, a movie, a hockey game, a few yummy drinks {specifically a spiced pear martini, can i say yummmm}, & some snuggling in there. Now it is back to the weekly grind hoping to knock out all the studying I have to do for my test that I have tomorrow morning & hoping to survive the long night that I have ahead of me I am linking up with Ash for the weekly Instagram link-up, which I absolutely LOVE participating in when I can! So here are some of my instagram pictures from the weekend to hopefully fill you in on a little bit of my fun -- Other pictures will come later on in the week!

happy monday sunshines.

Friday 11/11/11 -- was absolutely beautiful. After class I drove up to NOVA  -- we headed to Ozzies for some Italian. & honestly I didn't take pictures of our meals because these are the best part of the night {the Ozzie Rolls & focaccia bread}!!!

I am absolutely in LOVE with these fall colors.

saturday night shenaningans at the hockey game -- started off with a spiced-pear martini & changed to bud light limes which ended up with lots of popcorn being thrown at me {hence the photo} -- & we ended the night at Biergarten with some friends for more drinks & NO real dinner - because all they had to offer were pretzels & bratwurst{not really my thing}. So my dinner that night consisted of popcorn & taco bell on the way home {eek. probably not the best idea.} & then sunday morning I come to discover that I lost my favorite pair of earrings. LOVELY.

how was everyone's weekend?!