friday fancies + some blanks.

It's Friday Ladies!! I hope everyone has had a great week & are looking forward to their weekends -- I know that I sure am :] I will be spending the whole thing with my love, which is pretty rare since he usually works allll weekend -- BUT not this weekend! YAY! :] 

Anywho it is Friday & that means I am going to be sharing an inspirational outfit with you pretties -- along with some blanks from the little things we do. But first of all -- {AV}'s Friday Fancies theme this week was Mix + Match & man was I excited to get her email this week, because I am in love with mixing + matching clothes {even tho half of the time I could never pull it off}! But I am def in love with the outfit I put together -- pairing a floral blouse with a striped yellow rugby cardigan & some simple trousers. This outfit is perfect for the Fall! & would be perfect if it was actually apart of my wardrobe! hehe.
 polyvore created by loveeashlyn

Long sleeve cardigan // Tucker button down blouse // Aldo wedge // Robe di Firenze brown satchel // Kamsmak bangles jewelry // Thea's splashes // trouser jeans

time for some blanks yo -- linking up with the little things we do

1.   A nervous habit I have is   twirling my hair. I am probably a worry wart -- so I am always twirling my hair. Nick ALWAYS knows when I am thinking or have something on my mind because that is what I will be doing. I even start twirling my hair faster the more anxiety I have -- which sucks because I def give myself. {no hiding my thoughts. haha}

2.   Something that makes me sad is  thinking about not having my mommy around. I don't think about it very often -- but whenever I watch a movie or hear that someone close to someone has passed away I just have these unwanted thoughts about her no longer being here & immediately I start crying. I don't know what I would do without that lady even through all our pinny-anny arguments

3.  Today I am thankful for    my comfy bed. I have only had this bed for a couple months now, but man do i LOVE it. I have been getting much better sleep which has really helped me be less irritable -- which is a good thing since I don't get much sleep as it is. ha

4. My favorite room in my house is    my bed room -- since I live in an apartment with 2 other girls. I mean the living room is always overtaken by people studying & the kitchen -- well is not fun to be in since it is ugly. haha

5.  I can't stand    when people smack their lips when they eat. ANNOYING. my daddy always taught me to eat with me mouth closed & elbows off the kitchen table -- i mean we even got in trouble when we didn't follow the rules. but seriously people need to learn some manners!

6.  If I had an extra $100 to spend on whatever I wanted today I would   go buy myself a whole new fall outfit. I can never buy myself an entire outfit because I always feel guilty when I buy stuff -- so to be given a $100 that I could do anything with would be AMAZING!

7.  The last person I hung out with was   my mommy! We were going to go see a movie but there were absolutely NO chick flicks out -- so instead we went to Plaza & had Mexican {my absolute fav} -- guacamole, tacos, + two jumbo margaritas :] -- & then we went to TJ Maxx & walked around & I watched her Christmas shop! haha

margs with my mommy :]
Well I hope all you ladies have a lovely weekend! Don't forget to enter the two giveaways I have going on -- mark makeup giveaway & artwork giveaway!!! xoxox.