it was an ash{squared} kinda blate.

That's right -- I got to go on my first blate on Sunday with Miss Ashley :] & it was nothing short of a great time! Ashley is such a sweet heart & I had so much fun getting to know her! Our mornings started out by having to ride the metro {which I am not a huge fan of because of my severe motion sickness :/} & catching the metro was an event in itself! We finally made it down in DC in China Town down by the Verizon Center & we honestly had no idea where we were going to eat! So we walked & walked & walked some more until we finally decided to eat the Chop House. I had been there before but never had the opportunity to have brunch -- so that is what I ended up getting & so did Miss Ashley -- we actually got the same thing {hence the Ash^2}. We ate & talked about everything from school, boyfriends, blogging, puppies, & bloggerblitz coming up {which I am SUPER excited for!!!}

these were our yummy omlets with potatoes & fruit {& I decided to get a bloody mary to cure my eventful evening from the night before}

we then decided we weren't ready to stop hanging out -- so we went to get cupcakes at Red Velvet.
inline choosing our cupcakes:
Ashley: "I will take that red velvet one."
Ashlyn to the cupcake lady: "What kind is that"
Cupcake lady: "wah wah wah wah wahhhhh wah"
Ashlyn: "huh?!" -- then to Ashley: "Do you know what she said?"
Ashley: "No, but it looks vegan!!"
Ashlyn: "Um, I'll pass. lol."  -- since it looked like cardboard

one of the girls that was in line with us offered to take our picture -- too sweet of her!

& these are our delish cupcakes. 
Ashley's looked yummy & mine well was kinda scary once I got it out in the lighting. But then it actually ended up tasting good :]

well after a little bit more chit chatting before we headed back to the metro -- I realized that I REALLY REALLY REALLY needed to use the bathroom or else I def wouldn't be making it home alive. & Ashley needed to do that same. But we are sitting spack dab in the middle of a place where we had no idea where to go to the bathroom -- so Siri was summoned & to be honest this is the answer we go "I didn't find any public bathrooms."

um, excuse me? -- haha

the guy in front of us on the steps was laughing at our conversation with the phone. ha
well luckily {or not so lucky} we spotted a McDonald's & it came to our rescue, but then again it was the probably the MOST disgusting bathroom I have EVER and I mean EVERRR stepped into in my life.  Thank goodness it only lasted a short time & that I had a friend to hold my purse -- Thanks Ash :]

Well anywho I must say I loved my first blate -- it was EVERYTHING I hoped for & more! I can't wait to hang out with Ashley again & get to know her more :] You should def stop by Ashley's blog & say hey -- she is a pretty cool girl ;]