a little bit of random for your wednesday.

Pinterest has been overtaking my life, which is nothing new. But my pins have been the most random pins ever -- I guess it is just because I have been so scatter brained.  Lately -- I have been eyeing pretty patterns & paint colors & daydreaming about decorating my future home{look at that shoes closet = FABULOUS}! & I have also been scoping out NYE dresses in hopes of finding the perfect little dress -- & of course shoes to go with, who am I kidding about just buying a dress? ha && I have even been spying rings of all shapes & sizes & this rustic ring was my {favorite}. On another note -- I am always the person who finds quotes & words of all kinds wonderful -- & I am loving all the {words} that I keep seeing -- whether they are inspirational or just simple thoughts. I am currently learning to embrace messy hair & when I saw that  typography  I  fell in {love.love}! & who shouldn't live life like it is a party?! -- I know that I sure don't do that quite enough so here is too living life & learning to let things go & roll off your back -- because life is to precious to take everything seriously! Oh & I have always had a {thing} for scarfs & I really love this black & white one -- 

but here is to wednesday --
 the day before Thanksgiving.
enjoy it & be so ever thankful :]
all images via {pinterest}