on my heart. & a winner.

This weekend I flew to Kentucky to attend my boyfriends Grandpa's funeral. It was a very heart wrenching weekend & it made me realize just how short life can be. It was an unexpected death & those can sometimes be the worse -- especially when you start questioning all the things you could have done differently. You start thinking about all the other relationships in your life that you might accidently take for granted. 

do you call you grandmother or grandfather enough?
do you spend enough time with your family for the holidays?
do you let the people in your life know that you love them?
do you have unsettled business that you need to get straight?
do you have an apology to make?
or  need to tell someone that you forgive them?
or maybe even just a simple I love you.

My list could go on because I know that I lose track of time & don't call my grandparents enough. & there are people that I need to forgive & let them know that I love them. This weekend I had a wake-up call -- My heart hurt so much throughout the weekend not just because I had to say goodbye to a man that I only knew for a couple years & made me smile just  through the few holidays that I got to spend with him  but because I saw & felt the hurt & pain through the rest of his family & friends & I don't want to feel that pain when someone I love passes unexpectedly.  

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God is an AWESOME God. 
& he has given us all the ability to NOT take life for granted.
I hope that this inspires you to call your grandmother or grandfather & let them know you are thinking about them or send that ex-best friend a card in the mail letting them know you love & miss their friendship. 
You will be thankful in the long run.

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