turkey day weekend -- instagram style.

People it is officially CHRISTMAS TIME! :] -- that means it is OK {officially} to start decorating the Christmas Tree, & putting presents underneath the tree, & listening to Christmas music non-stop, not saying I haven't been doing that already -- but now I can't be judged :] But anywho I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday. Mine was filled with needed family time, yummy turkey day food & leftovers {who doesn't EVER have leftovers, the best part sometimes}, naps + football, a little black Friday shopping, an oyster roast, & my very first photography sesh {pictures to come}. But as for today I am linking up with A Little {Dash} of Ash for the usual instagram link-up to share a few of my photos with ya. 

 just some of the TURKEY day yumminess :]

it didn't take long for me to curl up on the couch due to my turkey coma.  

Nick & I didn't get to spend this Thanksgiving together -- but we did manage to send he other photos throughout the weekend to let each other know what we were missing out on. Hence -- this one I missed out on :/ -- the pups snuggling on the couch. & we have NO clue how the pillow got between them. 

& this is one of the millions of pictures that I took of my grandfathers land -- he lives on the water in South Carolina! It is an absolutely beautiful place & I love spending time there.