unexpected beauty + some smiles.

So many of you know that a few weeks ago Nick's grandfather passed away. It was very special moment in Nick & I's relationship because it allowed us to bond like we had never bonded before. Sometimes  it is really hard to let the person to you love see you vulnerable & weak -- & I am so unbelieveably thankful that Nick wanted me to be by his side during this tough time. I was the disignated photographer during the funeral & I must say it was absolutely beautiful fall day! I only included some of the pictures that I took at the services -- but I wanted to include some of the family photos that were taken! There were smiles on everyone's faces even though it was sad time for for us all! Nick & I even got to act goofy :] -- God really does Bless you when you least expect it.

my handsome boyfriend :]

Nicholas & His brother & I.

i truly love him with all of me :]