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First, I just want to apologize in advance for my lack of posts recently. I promise that I will be back on my game by the end of the week :] -- This week I have been greeted with the most painful final exams a white girl could partake in & I am not a fan & I decided to leave my charger 3 hours away {yet again} -- which I secretly think is a blessing in disguise so that I won't spend hours upon hours procrastinating like I normally would. So in the meantime I will be sharing some guest posts from some amazing gals that I have loved getting to know & I hope you will too. C'est la vie
Hi readers! My name is Ruthie Hart and I blog over here. I have the pleasure of taking over Ashlyn’s blog for the day and I can’t wait to get to know some of you! Ashlyn is not only gorgeous (obvi!) but such an inspiration in the blog world. She juggles PA school, her faith, bloggin’, boyfriend…the list goes on! I love this lady!
So this is me…
I am a 20 something newlywed living and loving life in Austin, TX with these two cuties…
That would be my husband, Jon, and our Frenchie pup Ernie.
I’ve started something on my blog that I call, “Thursday Randoms”. You know when you think of something random or take a random picture that you’d love to share on your blog? But then you think to yourself…wait…how could I write an entire blog post about the fact that my husband smells like canned corn after he drinks Firefly? Yep. That is me. 

Here are some of the random things that go on in my head (and on my blog)…
Normally my hubby is clean cut (he’s in sales) but he grew out this awesome, creepy car salesmen stache a few weeks ago!
Are any of you as weirded out by the Salonpas commercials as I am? If you have no idea what I am talking about…google it! 
Come on! How HILARIOUS is this?! Thank you Ellen for making me laugh every single day!
I’ve also been known to post epic pictures of dress up parties (here & here), videos of me and the hubs talkin’ about toilet papering, and who could forget…The Honey Badger!
So if I haven’t put you to sleep with the random-ness that is my blog, I’d love for you to come say hi on my blog!  I’ve blogged about all the fun details of our wedding, love talkin’ about Jesus, and post some delicious recipes.  So stop by!