that little thing called, nature.

Nature can take my breathe away. Sometimes when I see something so beautiful I don't even know what to think or feel -- & that happened to me yesterday when I went to River Bend Park in Great Falls Virginia with my girlfriend Aleksandra & my puppy Rufus. We hiked through the park up & down rocks & over puddles of water. The beauty that I saw & heard first hand could not be 100% captured on my camera -- it is a had-to-be-there-kind-of-moment. These pictures are only a glimpse of how gorgeous this place truly was -- & spending the morning there truly helped me cherish these little moments that I so often take for granted. 

-- from the gorgeous water with the sun glistening down.

-- & the Ruf monster playing in the leaves.

-- the gorgeous man-made waterfalls.

-- the natural waterfalls & the rushing of the water.

-- Rufus was kinda not in a good mood because he got in trouble for not listening & running off, hence the eyes looking in the opposite direction of the camera.

hope you all have a lovely Tuesday!