that night when i lost a shoe + decided to blog about it {oh & Blogger Blitz DC too}

I probably shouldn't be evening thinking about blogging at this very moment {tuesday night}, but I am anyways because I am a rebel. ha The smart me should be frantically trying to cram for my third final that I have bright & early tomorrow morning at 8am, but again like I said I am a rebel {at heart} -- not really. but no really. 

Side note: I spent the day trying to fill out a 165 question study guide, that I started today -- in the library due to the fact that my dumb self left my charger 3 hours away -- followed by lunch with my bff Trista & then I frantically realized that I couldn't find my other Sperry. Yes you read that right -- I lost one single shoe that I wear on a daily basis, kinda like what I use to do when I was in elementary school. This obviously means you should stop what you are doing & help me find it! Doesn't that sound like a great idea? ha -- dang, thanks for nothing. I kid. I kid. Well the shoe will be found {i hope} because I really don't want to have to buy another one, or pair for that matter -- because I am pretty sure you can't buy just a single shoe, but that would be great if you could -- despite that fact that you would have one worn in shoe & another that looks like you keep it in a glass case so no one can touch it.

Well, back to the real reason I am I am blogging when I shouldn't be -- dun. dun. dun.

Well It isn't exactly dun. dun. dun. material BUT I did get to go to Blogger-Blitz-DC-this-past-Sunday-&-I-met-some-amazing-bloggers-that-I-am-so-excited-to-get-to-know-more-&-even-hang-out! YAY! -- sorry for that long run on sentence & if you are out of breathe I am sorry for that too, but that is how it played out in my head & how excited I am to tell you! :] 

So my Sunday consisted of cramming for my final that I would have at 8am on Monday morning in Norfolk VA, which I ended up driving back for at 10pm, call me crazy I know -- but it was def. worth it! Then I hoped on the metro which many of you probably know I CAN NOT STAND. Literally, everytime I ride that daggone thing I hate even more than the time before. My experiences just don't seem to put a smile on my face or make me dream of sugarplums -- instead I want to vom every.single.time. Well, after the ride from hell I finally made it to Dupont Circle in DC where we met at a wine bar called Urbana. It was super cute & well let's just say ... a little out of my price range -- so I stuck to water & mingling! :]

one of the greatest parts = our glitter-fied name tags that I still wish I could wear :] that Alison from Long Distance Loving made us. She is also the wonderful creator of this event & she did such a fabulous job! Thanks {AV}.

One of the first bloggers I met was Melissa from Cupcakes OMG -- & I loved meeting her! She gave me some tips on using my new camera & we talked about blogging {duh} & well then we exchanged numbers in high hopes of hanging out again, which may be this weekend :]

I also met Jenna who came all the way from Boston & who I wished lived down the street from me because she is just that awesome.

Some other more-than-fabulous bloggers that I got to meet were Lisa, Kate, Pinky, & Jenn.
We chatted about meeting up for a wine tasting get together here in the near future -- which I def. will won't forget about -- because who doesn't like good wine with good people!? :]

I must say that I hit it off with Kate & Lisa -- I really enjoyed getting to know these two Texas gals who grew up together & ended up in the same state -- while we chit chatted about anything & everything. And to be honest that is def. something I look for in a new friend & SCORE I made two!! :] 

Before I went to Blogger Blitz DC I have already had the opportunity to get to know many of the DC bloggers -- Raquel {a sweet heart who I finally met Sunday night, but have been reading her blog for foeva}, Whitney {I did meet for the first time that night & she is a character-in-a-half & she was kind enough to give me a ride to the metro!}, & Chelsea {one of my college sorority sisters who I adore to pieces!}, & Ashley {I went on my very first blate with this lovely lady}.

I met so many more amazing bloggers from all-over! We just didn't get the chance to take any photos & plus two hours is def not long enough to meet everyone! Be sure to check out all these lovely ladies blogs!

another side note: for those that are curious as you can see I made it home alive but Sunday night did end up being an all-nighter. but HEY I met some amazing bloggers & I passed my test -- which is pretty awesome to me!