emotional wreck.

Good afternoon pretties. I hope you all had a great weekend & that your Tuesday is off to a great start. I want to thank you all for all your comments last week -- they make me smile more than you all know! I have had a pretty crazy last few days & I am sorry that I haven't gotten a chance to respond, but I have not forgotten about them.

image via ashlyn

So like I said in the paragraph before my last few days have been kinda crazy. First & foremost, the most saddening news of it all is that my Granny was diagnosed with Breast Cancer last week. I was in absolute shock when I found out on Thursday -- I didn't even call her right away to check on her because I didn't want to add on to her emotion. My Granny is a special woman -- she is that person that I would bawl my eyes out every time we were separated. & she is even the Granny that gets on my last nerve, but I love her deeply. Lately, I have gotten a lot closer to her & we usually talk on a weekly basis. I am not even totally sure how to put how I a feeling into words & I am sure that this post is all over the place with how I feel. I do know that my heart is torn apart & I am an emotional wreck. She went to the doctor today to find out what Stage it is at, but I have yet to find out. I am praying that they caught it soon & that it will be simple treatment.

On another note, I got in a car wreck on Friday night on my way to see Nick. It was not an extremely terrible accident but it did put a damper on the start of the weekend. It was  a 4 car accident -- I was hit by a guy {that drove off} which caused me to hit a lady in front of me who hit someone else. I was the only car with the damage -- my hood went under the car in front of me. My car was driveable but it def was not safe to drive back to Norfolk for school today -- so I had to pick up a rental. My car is nothing extra-special, it is just a 1999 Honda Accord, but if the damage exceeds half of what the car is worth then they will total my car -- meaning I would have to search for a new one. This is where my anxiety starts to skyrocket because I don't have the time or money to buy a new car & I also would need a cosigner. & as of right now my parents don't really want to cosign since my brother is starting college in the Fall & my parents will have to cosign for a lot of his college loans. 

These two things have caused me to be all over the place.
I just keep reminding myself that God is in control & that He will be there for me.

xoxo. ashlyn