let's break up. seriously.

ha, I had you fooled for a second didn't I? -- sorry if I made you gasp. But I am honestly very stressed with 2012 ALREADY! ahhhhhh. How can that be? Well let me start off by saying that I started my week off by driving back from Nashville TN to DC on Monday, which was a short 10 hours, ha. yeahhhh  rightttt. short my bootayyy. & then I took a little nap with my man & jumped in the car to drive another 3 hours back to Norfolk for me to start a new semester filled with a day of classes! I am a little overwhelmed witth everything that I have to do with school already & just getting settled back in to a normal routine. I am really trying my best to actually do the things I say I am going to do -- like workout, clean my room, make dinner, oh & go to bed at a decent time {which is not 2am. ha}. & well, because of that blogging is not as a priority as it was. I want to be less stressed during school & sometimes blogging can stress me out & it really isn't healthy at all. Taking a break from blogging while I was on break was not planned at all -- it just kinda happened that way & to be honest it was SOOOO unbelievably refreshing & helped me realize what I want my priorities to be. Once I get back into a normal routine I will start blogging more regularly -- which could be tomorrow! :] But I love you all & I hope each & everyone of you had a wonderful Christmas & New Year!

xoxo. ashlyn

p.s. When I was in Nashville I got the chance to meet my boyfriend's childhood best friend Canaan Smith! I had such a great time in Nashville visiting & ringing in the New Year with everyone! BUT -- Canaan is a new up & coming Country Artist whose single is currently on itunes called We Got Us -- & next week on January 9th it will be on the radio for the firs time! You should def check him out & tell me what ya think! :]