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It's Friday peeps! I hope everyone has had a great week & are ready for some Friday Fancies! :] This weeks theme is Fashion Inspiration & I immediately knew who my inspiration was. Not sure if you have read the Atlantic-Pacific Blog but I literally {stalk} Blair Eadie's blog like it is going out of style -- I want to be her, well not exactly BUT I would love to have her closet! :] I wouldn't exactly wear every single one of her outfits but she def has such a great sense of style & she is my fashion inspiration. oh & i don't want to forget to mention she always has the most amazing nail polish + arm candy!! always a plus.

Lately I have been in love with EVERYTHING leopard. It is def my go-to for pretty much any outfit. I usually have a piece of leopard on me at all times! ha & I am really NOT kidding. So when I saw this outfit on Blair's Blog I wanted to have it all. & since then I have been on the hunt for a long leopard coat. I even went to some local consignment shops a while back & they had a few coats BUT they weren't my size. go figure. But the search has not ended! I will find one, eventually. But as for my daily outfit -- I have to be comfy! Comfiness is my number one staple for any outfit. If I don't feel comfortable in my outfit then everyone else is going to know that I am uncomfortable -- so that is why I LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit. Just look at it - how comfortable & CLASSY is it? Yeah I know you now want to have it in your closet too. ha 

what do you think about this outfit?? you love or hate?
& have you ever read Blair's Blog?

Anywho -- I hope all you lovelies have a fantastic weekend!

xoxo. ashlyn

images via {atlantic-pacific}
leopard love

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