and the Oscar goes too ...

Please pinch me. yes, pinch me. Is it really Friday already? Geez. I remember at one point during this week I felt like it was taking forever & then bam, Friday is here! Where does the time go? beats me. I ain't complaining.

Well if you aren't all in the know, not that I am either. But this weekend is the Oscars! I haven't always been a fan of watching these high-profile kind of events on TV, usually I just hear about them the next day on Twitter or on the news. But when I do watch them my favorite part is seeing what everyone is wearing! I mean these stars go W A Y over the top & well I guess I would to if I could. & I can! because I live vicariously through my Friday Fancies! YAY! 

I really had no idea where to start looking for a dress. I mean I don't usually wear $4,000 dresses or $2000 shoes, do you? Then I stumbled across this beyond G O R G E O U S marigold silk-taffeta Oscar De La Renta gown, & well you guessed it, i fell in love! The dress creates a dramatic silhouette & would be perfect for me to wear :] hehe. I decided to pair it when these Kiki Mcdonough Citrine and diamond cushion bow earrings, a statement necklace, & some classy black high heels. I am sure that tons of other accessories can be paired with this to-die-for dress -- it really just depends on your style. & well I wanted to be styling & profiling ;]

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.  I am headed off to an Outer Banks Beach House with some classmates, which is about an hour & half from where I live. I am looking forward to a relaxing couple days. xx. ashlyn

polyvore via ashlyn