best of instagram.

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend. I sure did :] I got to spend Friday & Saturday at the beach with some friends. The beach is a safe haven for me -- I have always loved it -- from the sound of the waves to the smell of the ocean. On Saturday we spent the afternoon napping with the balcony door open listening to the waves crash. h e a v e n. i def. didn't want to leave. 

& Sunday just ran some errands & watched the Oscars. It was exactly what I needed to recharge to get ready for this week. I am linking up with {Jenni} & {Ashley} for the Instagram recap *some of my photos are from my phone & not instagram* -- Enjoy your monday! xx. ashlyn

When we finally got to the OBX we stopped the grocery to get some necessities for the evening festivities! missing:  happy birthday oreos, stella, sky vodka, & monster. hence it was a good night.

me & my roomie bri :]

this is the hotels pet cockatoo named Sabrina. 
she is certainly a pistol & she bites. 

warning: watch video if you want a good laugh!!!

view from the hotel room. i wanted to get a picture of sunrise, but from the night we had before -- that wasn't going to happen! ha

left to right: Bri. Ashlyn {me lol}. Ali

pictures i took when we went walking on the beach.

Kill Devil Hills, NC

the evening sunset. we were on the opposite side -- but the colors of the sky were to die for.