fresh new beginning.

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Good evening Bloggettes,

I'm sure you notice a pretty big change -- I decided to start over fresh with a new blog name, blog domain, & blog email. I have been wanting to do this for a while but really wanted to design my own blog. So since I have been practicing my photoshop + illustrator skills I felt like I was ready to take the big plunge. 

Behind the title: I have always love the words 'Let it Be' -- so much that I would l o v e to have them tattooed on me somewhere. But since I am going into the medical field getting another tattoo isn't exactly what they consider professional, so out the window that goes. I also adore all things pretty -- from tulips & mason jars to lillies & lace. I am a fan of flowers just because it's Tuesday & kisses before sunrise. So when I kept coming back to these too things it hit me that 'Let it be beautiful' was my new blog name, with the help from some amazing bloggers that helped me take the leap. 

Deets: The domain is now {} & I can be emailed at ashlyn [at] letitbebeautiful [dot] com

xx. ashlyn