j. crew brights

Every morning I wake up to a new J. Crew email in my inbox & e v e r y time I press delete. Why? because I am one of those J. Crew lovers, or loves everything kinda girl who look at clothes on the internet then press the little buy now button & then my money is taken off into outer space & I never see it again. So in order for me to avoid the ghost who takes over my body when I see pretty things I like -- I press delete. ha But this morning was different -- I was up really really realllllly late studying for my exam this morning & I knew that I wasn't going to be in the mood to buy anything so I decided to browse the email. AND of course I fell in love. go figure. This is my favorite look in their new arrivals 'get the look' section. LOVE THE BRIGHTS!!! Do you? xx. ashlyn

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