the magic of mykonos, greece.

I have high hopes of traveling the world one day, so if you were to see my wanderlist your jaw would probably drop! ha I am not saying that this list will ever fully get completed but a girl can dream & I am dreaming BIG :] Mykonos, Greece is one of my number one places that I want to visit. Greek islands surround the beautiful land with miles + miles of deep blue sea. This place is just appealing because of it's gorgeous views & crystal clear water but because of the relaxing & blissful vibe that it puts off. Not to mention the gorgeous architecture that encompasses the city. Today I am sharing an outfit that I put together for the usual Friday Fancies over at {AVs} blog Long Distance Loving. Enjoy the inspiration & make sure you head over to check out some more fabulous outfits.

mykonos, greece
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