pastel pretties.

pastel inspiration

polyvore by loveeashlyn 

Ohhhh spring how I love thee! You probably think I am cray-cray but I even think that I am since I am already wishing winter would just scoot its little ol' butt away. & to be honest I never even reset one of my clocks in my room & today I was like maybe I should reset it -- ha BUT nope I decided that it was best that I keep the clock one hour fast because spring will be here in no time! & there is not point in having to set it forward again. ha now you reallllly think i am crazy, am i right? :]

Anywho Friday Fancies has made its rounds yet again & I am so stoked about this weeks Spring Fever theme! Hence my post from yesterday. I am have yet another huge love affair with pastel ANYTHING. Seriously -- look how pretty the color combos of peach, mint, purple & yellow go together! I think it is a snazzy little outfit if I say so myself! :] If you need some more Spring Fever inspiration head over to {AV's} blog to check out all the other amazing outfits.

you digging the pastels?

xx. ashlyn