rooms that tell stories: city electric

As of lately, I have been swooning over e v e r y t h i n g interior design related. It may be due to my want to have a house of my own that I can decorate + go bananas with or the fact that I am just wanting some organization & change in my life. & well that isn't going to be happening anytime soon -- So until then I will be living vicariously through my internet + magazines + iPad apps.

Every room in a house should be created to fit a person or families lives. A living room is the place where memories unfold -- a place where a newlywed couple wine + dine their friends, a family celebrates birthdays, & where a couple see their babies first steps. Whatever that story may be in that room why not create it to fit your liking.

I recently came across the { Serena & Lily } website where they offer unique home decor items that you don't see on your every shopping outing. City Electric is a "Sophisticated. Cosmopolitan. With a nod to the Bohemian." according to Serena & The bright colors add a bit of attitude to the room, while the nude furniture helps tone is down. I was immediately drawn into this room because of all its bright & nude colors -- such a great contrast.

what do you think about this room? yay::nay?
xx. ashlyn 

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