sweet nothings.

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Do sweet nothings make you smile? Do they make you feel like a little kid? 

Lately, I have been wanting to add more of the little things into my life -- whether it be going to the local flower shop & picking out my own flowers & putting my own arrangement together. or rearranging my jewelry so that it is more appealing to look at & wear. or even go buy myself a pretty cupcake & eat it with a cup of coffee right after I got out of the shower all cozied up in my bed with my heating blanket on. or buy a bottle of champagne & celebrate me.

yeah it IS the sweet nothings that make me smile.
& sometimes help get me through a rough week.

what sweet nothings are you doing for yourself to make you feel young again or extra-special?

p.s. I can't wait for Titantic to come out in 3D so that I can go watch it & feel like I am 5th grade again on my first date. it is a sweet nothing.

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