Valentine's Goodies :]

So you probably saw this Valentine 's Post a couple weeks ago buttttt I have had a super busy week & haven't been able to created another Valentine's post for the "Find Some Love Fest" going on on 5 of my favorite blogs. So I decided to do a little repost :] If you have't linked up with girls (((HollieAllisonMelissaLiz, or Rushelle)) for the Find Some Love Fest -- you def should! :]


I don't know about you but I am getting pumped for Valentine's Day! I know many of you probably think that it is a silly holiday & maybe it is. But I love it!! I don't love the idea that some people have of Valentine's Day where you are suppose to buy your significant other something or shower them with the love you should be giving them all year round BUT I love it because of all the hearts + Valentine's Candy + the cute little sayings + the cards + the pinks/reds/purples/whites. OH MY. ha 

Growing up my mom has ALWAYS had a Valentine's Table -- I am not sure if it is up this year yet or not, but once I see it I will be sure to takes pictures & share them with you. My mom is constantly adding something new to it each year. I am pretty sure this is where I get my love for Valentine's Day & I am positive that one day I will have of those tables too :]

Here are some cute pins that I found on Pinterest -- There are so many wonderful ones but these are my favorite. Join in on the pinning fun & join Michelle over at The Vintage Apple

images via {pinterest}

1 // Cute little Cardstock Valentine :]

2 // These are 'Bucket's of Love' & I think they are so friggin adorable. You can fill them with candies & give them to friends! & they are so simple to make.

3 // Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies? YES PLEASE! I am soooo going to make these & eat them all by myself, no judging now :]

4 // I just think these are so pretty. Not sure what I would do with them -- but something crafty!

5 // Marsh-mellows dipped in chocolate & sprinkles. & I love how they used the M&M's to hold them up.

6 // I love popcorn so this def made me smile! I will probably do something like this for Nick {we both share a love for popcorn ha}

7 // 'YOU'RE THE BOMB' = coolest Valentine's Card EVER! I wish I was still a little peon & hand these out. People now would look at me like I am crazy. ha

8 // how cute is this little Valentine's Day card to handout to classmates? So simple but so cute!