all about arrows.


  1. A shaft sharpened at the front and with feathers or vanes at the back, shot from a bow as a weapon or for sport.
  2. A mark or sign resembling an arrow, used to show direction or position; a pointer.
My fascination for arrows started with the Chevron pattern & it def didn't stop there. When I started seeing little dainty arrows pop up on peoples blogs, whether it was on images, in collages, or on buttons -- I kinda fell in love some more. I love how they point out little ideas or inspiration that you may not have noticed before. I attempted to draw my own in photoshop + paint, & failed miserably. & now I think I may have got it down! ha we shall see. But over time my love for arrows has grown + today I am sharing some of my {arrow} pins with you while linking up with { The Vintage Apple }.

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