links i love.

Bloggettes, I am was slacking last night, or right now to be honest >>> {now back to past tense} :: I had was inspriationless last night. I can't believe it -- but I guess we all have those moments. So then I had a *light bulb* moment & was like ahhh, "i think i will share things i have been loving lately." So that These are links that I love that really don't go hand in hand with a n y t h i n g. so enjoy friends. xx


Who doesn't love free printables or chevron? I mean I love them LOTS, so I had to share them with you. When I found  chevron wedding invites on the Wedding Chicks blog a couple weeks ago I immediately bookmarked it. They have a little program where you can create your very OWN wedding invitations with their customisable templates. NO files or templates to download. pretty much the coolest thing since sliced bread. So you MUST go check it out. & p.s. you can even customize them for other invitations rather than just wedding, you just have to play around with it!

Growing up I used to LOVE me some pinatas filled with candy. It was like the coolest thing ever when you went to a birthday party & came home with bookoohs of candy! So when I saw this { DIY: loves notes pinata } I just smiled. This is the cutest thing e v e r whether you do it for a wedding or for your someone special just to say 'i love you'. 
{ Blow up balloon (oversized balloons work best), soak newspaper strips in water and glue, then cover the balloon in them. After the balloon dries, cover it in the cut music sheets. Pop the balloon and cut a small section to fill up with the love ‘notes’. Reattach the cut piece and cover it with the music sheet strips. }

Smooth lips are the best. I mean I know my boyfriend approves. So I am sure if you have gotten your hands a hold of this amazing repairing lip balm {Maybelline's Baby Lips}, then you must. I searched high & low for this stuff & finally gave up. Then one day I was in a Rite Aid kinda just doing my own thing, hoping to find some good shampoo & these mamba jambas were stocked up, so I grabbed a book-ooh amount & was immediately hooked. So please. If you haven't tried them. DO IT! everyone is!

My camera is my baby. I pretty much take it every where I go. & who doesn't want a stylish strap to go along with? I mean I do. Searching for the right strap is a pain in the bootay & then when you seem to find the one you want, guess what? ITS SOLD OUT! go figure. But this camera strap is the current fav -- I am sure you have seen it around & yes it is pretty much sold out everywhere & yes it like $168 dollars. & yes I will probably NEVER own it.  but oh well, a girl can dream. 
I am not sure why exactly I fell in love with this DIY, but I did & I want to share it with yall. This hand-dipped silverware is the cutest stuff & it is so easy to do. & plus I wouldn't mind watching my favorite movie + eating an entire carton of ben & jerry's with these beauties, it would make it so much more fun. wouldnt you agree? ha So I might just head on over to the thrift-store get some silverware & DIY-away. It'll be fun!